A Showcase of Innovative Software Solutions

Welcome to the heart of Coddit64’s innovation – our comprehensive portfolio where we proudly showcase a diverse range of cutting-edge software solutions. From transforming education through interactive learning tools, revolutionizing retail with seamless ecommerce platforms, to enabling unparalleled efficiency in finance and manufacturing industries – each project reflects our commitment to crafting success for our esteemed clients. Explore our portfolio to witness firsthand the transformative power of Coddit64’s software development expertise.


Coddit64’s portfolio is a testament to the power of inquisitive thinking, innovation, and an infinitive mindset. Our project showcases embody these three pillars by highlighting solutions that encourage organizations to continuously ask questions, think differently, and push boundaries within sectors like education, ecommerce, and more. By adopting this approach, our clients have not just solved problems but redefined them – creating an endless cycle of growth and progress.


Coddit64’s commitment to innovation as we deliver next-level solutions that shape industries and redefine norms. By incorporating inquisitive thought processes and an infinitive vision, each project is a blend of groundbreaking technology with user-centric design. Our diverse range of projects across sectors like retail, healthcare, and finance demonstrates our ability to provide unique solutions that anticipate future challenges and opportunities in the digital realm.


An infinitive inspiration; Coddit64’s unwavering dedication to crafting limitless growth pathways. By encouraging an inquisitive mindset and fostering innovative strategies across sectors like education, ecommerce, and finance etc., we empower our clients with solutions that not only solve today’s challenges but also anticipate tomorrow’s needs. Each project within this portfolio is a testament to our infinitive approach – where the potential for growth knows no bounds. 


Detailing Xpert

Detailing  Xpert, our car detailing studio client, is dedicated to providing unparalleled excellence in automotive cleanliness and aesthetics. We’ve collaborated on customized solutions that not only enhance vehicle appearance but also prolong its longevity. Their passion for quality mirrors our commitment 


Our collaboration with Dubaiwale has opened doors to a world of adventure within the heart of Dubai. By designing bespoke, user-friendly travel platforms that cater specifically to exploring local parks and thrilling experiences, we’ve enabled them to showcase the true essence of the city in an accessible manner

Gokul Cement

Working alongside Gokul Cement has allowed us to develop technology that not only assists in enhancing production efficiency but also emphasizes sustainable practices within the cement industry. Our infinitive approach aligns with their vision of strengthening Gujarat’s infrastructure

Hello Tech

Hello-Tech embodies our ideals at Coddit64 with their commitment to pushing the boundaries of hardware technology. From developing intricate system architectures to creating user-centric devices, we’ve helped them realize ambitious projects that set industry standards and improve operational efficiencies.


At PEW, textile manufacturing meets technological innovation, reflecting our shared values at Coddit64. Through strategic software development and digital transformation initiatives, we’ve empowered them to pioneer new methods in textile machinery, championing sustainable practices within the industry.


 Recruiter18 and Coddit64 share a common mission – to unlock potential, whether in human resources or digital innovation. By integrating our infinitive approach into their recruitment processes, we’ve enhanced talent acquisition efficiency across borders, fostering global collaboration that fuels success and growth.


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